About Abigail

Abigail is a 7th grade student at the Martin J. Gottlieb Day School. She has a passion for the preforming arts and a love for reading. When she is not spending time with her two cats and her mom she is practicing for her Bat-Mitzvah, reading, or rehearsing for whatever play she is in at the time.

What is a Bat-Mitzvah?

A Bat-Mitzvah is when a Jewish girl becomes a Jewish woman. They will lead services on a Saturday and read from the Torah. A Bat/Bar-Mitzvah is a very important event in a Jewish child’s life. After their Bat/Bar-Mitzvah they are considered part of the congregation and are responsible. Before a child can have their Bar/Bat mitzvah they must do a Mitzvah Project.

What is a Mitzvah Project?

A Mitzvah Project is a good deed project that represents a Jewish child becoming more responsible and thinking of others before themselves. It could range from a small, yet powerful, act of kindness to a larger act of kindness.

Abigail’s Mitzvah Project

Abigail’s mitzvah project represents something she loves. During the summer of 2017 at a school called Brentwood Elementary School twenty to twenty-five incoming 3rd-5th graders will get the privilege of participating in a play directed by Abigail. The students will be given two snacks, breakfast, and a lunch each day because most of these children would not have a good meal during the day while they parents are at work.

The play is called Princess Whatsername. Princess Whatsername is about a girl who wakes up one day and cannot remember who she is. She is scared and frightened as she travels through the woods trying to learn her name. She meets many fairy-tale characters along the way (Cinderella, Snow White, Goldilocks, Hansel, The Seven Dwarfs, e.c.t.). Eventually, she learns her name and is reunited with her family.